A Mole Named Cole and a Whole Lot of Hole, 2011


 “Cole the Mole and a Whole Lot of Hole,” the first published book of the ”Cole the Mole” trilogy, began as a section of a grammar portfolio while completing graduate studies at Columbia Teachers College in Tokyo. It has since become a double volume book featuring a beautifully illustrated story and fun mini-chants. There are downloadable online audio resources available and they include the story being read (piano background), as well as the mini-chants (percussion background). There are also assessment worksheets for testing understanding and included in this resource is a game board print. These stories teach prepositions and phrasal verbs of motion and the rhythm and rhyme of each page can provide learning opportunities for young learners in their phonemic awareness growth. Teachers and parents alike will find this trilogy to be a valuable resource for inspiring independence, imagination and a love for reading.


The second story entitled “Cole the Mole Goes Around the Town” is a wonderful story that will support the learning of young children regarding direction, occupations, buildings, and modes of transportation. It is also a poetic story and will promote phonemic awareness. The third story entitled “Cole the Mole at the Playground” has as its main teaching focus prepositions in unison with vocabulary associated with children playing and the equipment found at a typical playground. These completed stories have not yet been submitted to any publisher and have been illustrated by the same talented graphic designer.